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  •  The National Development Council (NDC) in its 53rd meeting held on 29th May, 2007 adopted a resolution to launch a Food Security Mission comprising rice, wheat and pulses to increase the production of rice by 10 million tons, wheat by 8 million tons and pulses by 2 million tons by the end of the Eleventh Plan (2011-12). Accordingly, a Centrally Sponsored Scheme, 'National Food Security Mission' (NFSM), was launched in October 2007. The Mission is being continued during 12th Five Year Plan with new targets of additional production of food grains of 25 million tons of food grains comprising of 10 million tons rice, 8 million tons of wheat, 4 million tons of pulses and 3 million tons of coarse cereals by the end of 12th Five Year Plan.
      The National Food Security Mission (NFSM) during the 12th Five Year Plan will have five components (i) NFSM- Rice; (ii) NFSM-Wheat; (iii) NFSM-Pulses, (iv) NFSM-Coarse cereals and (v) NFSM-Commercial Crops.
    Main Crops:
    Rice Wheat Pulses
    Coarse Cereals Commercial Crops

    technical meeting regarding ocurrence of Blast disease on wheat regs
    Action Plan - Tripura - 21.06.2016
    senior officers meeting regs - 17.06.2016
    State, Crop & Season-wise National production targets of foodgrains & commercial crops for the year 2016-17 - 15.06.2016
    Meeting to discuss the procurement of pulses on 17.06.2016 regs - 14.06.2016
    senior officers meeting regs - 03.06.2016
    Administrative Approval for promotion of five New Farmer Producer Oragnization (FPOs) in East Champaran District of Bihar during 2016-17 reg -01.06.2016
    Action Plan - Himachal Pradesh - 01.06.2016
    Action Plan - Meghalaya - 31.05.2016
    Minutes of the meeting - stearing and appraisal committee regs. - 30.05.2016
    Timely visit of National Monitoring Team - NLMT under NFSM durign 2016-17- 27.05.2016 reg
    Approval of pending liabilities under NFSM - reg - 27.05.2016
    senior officers meeting regs - 27.05.2016
    Submission of Utilization certificate and progress report - Nagaland - 25.05.2016
    Action Plan - CC -Uttarakhand - 24.05.2016
    Approval of Annual Action Plan - CC- IISR , Uttar Pradesh - 24.05.2016
    Registration of implementing Agencies for release of funds under NFSM - 24.05.2016
    Crop Wise National Production Targets for 2016-17 regs - 23.05.2016
    Approval of action plan - Maharashtra - 23.05.2016
    Release of funds for meeting expenses on honorarium to TA - CDDS - 20.05.2016
    Release of funds for meeting expenses on honorarium to TA for monitoring - CDDS - 20.05.2016
    Annual Action Plan - CDP - Haryana - 18.05.2016
    Annual Action Plan - Haryana - 17.05.2016
    Annual Action Plan - Tamil Nadu- 16.05.2016
    Minutes of the meeting to discuss fixation and procurement of pulses- 16.05.2016
    Reminder: CDP for replacing tobacco farming with alternate crops/cropping system - Preparation of Action Plan - 16.05.2016
    Reminder : CDP in Original Green Revolution States - Preparation of annual action plans - 16.05.2016
    minutes of the meeting to discuss strategies for increasing pulse production - 16.05.2016
    Meeting of steering and appraisal Committee is scheduled on 16.05.2016
    Annual Action Plan - Andhra Pradesh -12.05.2016
    Annual Action Plan - Uttar Pradesh -12.05.2016
    Annual Action Plan - WB -12.05.2016
    allocation of seed minikits of pulses under NFSM for Rabi 2016 reg - 11.05.2016
    Project on Cluster Frontline Demonstrations on Pulses - 2016-17"(11 May 2016).
    Annual action plan - Manipur 10.05.2016
    Annual Action Plan - Jharkhand- 10.05.2016
    allocation of seed minikits of pulses under NFSM for kharif 2016 reg
    Approval of action plan - Uttarakhand - 09.05.2016
    Release of funds-central share under NFSM during 2016-17 - reg - MP - 06.05.2016
    senior officers meeting regs - 06.05.2016
    Approval of annual action plan - Rajasthan - 06.05.2016
    Engagement of 1 English steno NFSM - NSC - 05.05.2016
    Revised Administrative Approval of Project Proposal on Pearl Millet during 2016-17.
    Implementation of CDP under RKVY during 2016-17
    Implementation of CDP under RKVY in Original Green Revolution States during 2016-17
    The Procurement and Sales price of certified seed of pulses from 2013-14 to 2015-16 reg
    The Procurement and Sales price of certified seed of pulses from 2013-14 to 2015-16 reg
    Annual Action Plan of NFSM for Odisha for the year 2016-17
    Allocation of Seed Minikits of Pulses under NFSM for Kharif 2016new
    senior officers meeting regs -29.04.2016new
    Minutes of the meeting NFSMEC regs - 29.04.2016 new

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